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NEC Contracts for Infrastructure Projects – Webinar Recording

With specialist companies set up by Local Authorities and Housebuilders increasingly turning to NEC for highways works for any new developments, do the parties understand the fundamental difference in approach that an NEC contract requires, when compared to a JCT or the ICC?

A recording of our webinar by Andrew Rush, Sarah Lester and Hayley Morgan is now available. It provides an insight into the key differences, and what an “employer” needs to be aware of. For example:

  • When to use option A (fixed price) and Option C (target price)
  • Understanding extensions of time and loss and expense are not part of an NEC – it is all down to Compensation Events.
  • Did you know that Compensation Events are paid on the basis of cost – nothing to do with agreed rates for the works?
  • What is the assessment date as compared to the due date or final date for payment?
  • If you omit work it does not mean you get the sum back as stated in the Contract – you only get back what it would have cost the Contractor?
  • Understanding the key role of the Project Manager

While naturally we try and make sure what we say in our webinars is accurate, it shouldn’t be relied upon on its own, and it is no substitute for legal advice. If you have a query, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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