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An Introduction to JCT Insurance Clauses – Webinar Recording

You can now view a recording of our webinar which gave an insight into JCT insurance clauses, which took place on 16 September 2021. Insurance clauses are among the most complicated provisions of construction contracts, but can become so important when claims arise with often millions of pounds at stake. A good level of understanding is essential for anyone dealing with construction contracts, of which JCT are among the most commonly used.

The webinar aims to give you (as a project manager, contract administrator or other party in the contractual chain) an understanding of how insurance works under the JCT suite of contracts.

  • Do you know the difference between joint names and composite insurance?
  • What are rights of subrogation?
  • What are non-vitiation rights?
  • How exactly does Option C work?
  • What is the RPA insurance scheme?
  • When does the Joint Fire Code apply and how does it link to insurance?

For those involved with JCT contracts, either putting them in place or administering them, it is imperative you understand the basics behind the contractual insurance provisions and know the answers to the above questions.

The speakers are two of our partners, Andrew Rush and Carolyn Porter. Andrew has years of experience trying to convince people to read the insurance provisions in JCT contracts, and had made it something of a personal crusade to join him. Carolyn is involved both in negotiating and drafting construction contracts, including the insurance provisions, and dealing with disputes.

While naturally we try and make sure what we say in our webinars is accurate, it shouldn’t be relied upon on its own, and it is no substitute for legal advice. If you have a query, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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